Estetico Quotidiano / The Breadstick Holder / Vase

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  • Seletti Estetico Quotidiano - The Breadstick Holder / Vase

    Seletti was established in 1964 and has always distinguished itself with innovative solutions in the area of household products. Over the last twenty years the company has carried out a thorough transformation focusing on design incorporating the strength of Italian creativity.

    The Estetico Quotidiano Breadstick Holder in White Porcelain mimics the design of traditional brown paper bags used for school lunches, hand puppets and grocery shopping, the holder adopts a new look and purpose in white porcelain. This design hails from the Estetico Quotidiano Collection featuring fine glass and porcelain pieces that mimic the designs of disposable products commonly made of plastic, paper, and Styrofoam. Translated into English as "Daily Aesthetic" the collection reflects on the immediacy associated with modern day consumerism, delivering a familiar package in a form that is redefined by its durable materials and refined craftsmanship.

  • The Breadsticks Holder
    Design: Selab + Alessandro Zambelli
    Material: Fine Porcelain
    Size: cm 12,5×9 h. 23