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Seletti Neon Font Transformers

Designer: SELAB Studio of Seletti

Neon Font Transformers are required for the use of Seletti's Neon Font collection. Transformers are selected based on the number of letters used. Transformers are then grouped by character maximum- choose up to 8, 12 or 16 character maximums. The transformers have plugs for easy connection to the characters, and then a wall out plug to operate.

Available in 3 levels of Voltage
For 1 to 3 letters: 110 Volt - 2kV - Max 3 Lamps
For 1 to 12 letters : 110 Volt - 6kV- Max 12 Lamps 
For 1 to 16 letters: 110 Volt - 10kV- Max 16 Lamps

UL listed, Material: Rubber

How to create your Neon Statement:
- Choose your character(s) - Neon Font Neon Lamp
- Select transformer based on number of characters
- Choose optional extension cord

Note: Neon has a 5,000 hour life and should be turned off when not in use. For indoor use