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    New In Seletti

    Revolution is the Only Solution! Break the mould unconventional pieces for home. Since its inception, Seletti has always followed its own rules. From iconic lighting and art de la table to statement objects and furniture, Seletti’s collection of irreverent pieces blends art with the everyday. Join us as we explore the wonderful world of SELETTI. 

    In Seletti Concept Store Art & Design become one - often surprising and revolutionary, yet beautiful & functional, Seletti's lighting, furniture and objects are definitely statement pieces!


    Seletti Memorabilia My Ducklings $105.00
    Seletti Coffee Cup / Tongue $45.00
    Seletti Coffee Cup / Snakes $45.00
    Seletti Coffee Cup / Shit $45.00
    Seletti Coffee Cup / Lipsticks $45.00
    Seletti Coffee Cup / Roses $45.00
    Seletti Milo Umbrella Stand $375.00
    Seletti Milo Vase $450.00
    Seletti Coffee Cup / I Love You $45.00
    Seletti Palace Palazzo Borghese $695.00
    Seletti Palace Torrione $875.00
    Seletti Heart Lamp $395.00
    Seletti Noix Nutcracker $585.00
    Seletti wears Toiletpaper Padded Chair / Lipsticks Blue $975.00
    Diesel living with Seletti Diy Cutlery Set $109.00
    Seletti wears Toiletpaper Armchair / Lipsticks Pink $2,500.00
    Seletti wears Toiletpaper Padded Chair / Lipsticks Pink $975.00
    Seletti Mouse Lamp Light Bulb $21.00
    Seletti Vegaz Letter - R $1,058.00
    Seletti Mouse Lamp / Lying Down $165.00
    Seletti Luminarie/ Mirror Small $464.00
    Seletti Love In Bloom / Vase $175.00
    Seletti Kintsugi / Tray $395.00
    Seletti Atomizers / Dispenser $112.00
    Seletti Cushion / Lipsticks Pink $190.00
    Seletti wears Toiletpaper Cushion / Shit $190.00
    Seletti wears Toiletpaper Enamel Glass / Eye $29.00
    Diesel living with Seletti Cosmic Diner / Quasar Cutlery $154.00