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Stefano Seletti and the design (r)evolution

From the local markets of small and large Italian cities to New York’s MoMa: this is the story of Seletti in short. A story that juxtaposes made in China and made in Italy, an international brand with solid roots in Italy, an owner, Stefano Seletti, with the histrionic and visionary personality of an innovator.
It was in 1987, when he was 17, that Stefano started working in the family business. His father, Romano, founded the company in 1964 to import tin cups, plastic tablecloths, straw mats from the East and sell them in local Italian markets.
Objects that everyone remembers, because they are accessible to everyone.

Stefano studied as an accountant in Cicognara, a village in Northern Italy, where he still lives. Discovering life beyond the Po Valley at such a young age left a mark on the young Stefano. He started a new course in Seletti, applying a designer aesthetic to those everyday products and founding an internal creative laboratory, Selab.

"We Have created a revolution, putting the (R) in brackets: (R)evolution, from Revolution to Evolution: This is the way to go. "
Stefano Seletti
Stefano Seletti is an innovator. An entrepreneur who, with a good dose of courage, has overturned the market with new, different ideas.

You said that you are often inspired by your daughters and nephews. What else makes you think?

I am inspired by the unknown, the challenges of the future, beauty, sustainability, breaking the rules (obviously if I do not believe in them).

What mistake would you not do if you could go back?

There would be too much to tell and I don’t want bore anyone.

How's your studio?

Colorful and welcoming. Messy in a tidy way.

An object or that you would need but has not yet been produced?

It's a secret :-)))

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