Light for SELETTI is discovery, renewal, continuing research  and experimentation, just like the human being. A group of product joined together with an in solitary common denominator – that is, a totally new way of thinking! Thus, animals, everyday objects and even food are turned into surprisingly shaped lampshades. This is Furniture and decorations. Inspiration comes from pop imagery contemporary and modern art, from design and the natural world creating a collection adaptive to rendering a space very special.

    In addition to the strong creative content, all products are manufactured according to the latest certified technologies in the LED industry and are suitable for inside and outside environments as well as hotels, stores and restaurants. With Seletti any room anywhere becomes immediately special… not only with lights.


    Seletti Mrnd Dina Table Lamp $349.00
    Seletti Banana Lamp / Louie $430.00
    Seletti Heart Lamp $395.00