The Seletti Concept Store furniture collection takes its form from unusual interpretations, unexpected intuitions and unconditional love of architecture. Ideal forms, with distant but modern influences from Italian Renaissance to Art Nouveau, from Pop Art to American street food imagery of eclectic and irresistible beauty, both formal and casual at the same time.Seating and cushions, coffee tables and rugs with hypnotic graphics, personable bookcases – all give character to the living area.

    Animal shaped furniture with strong personality goes well in any room; a Tribal mirror set, to turn dreams into reality. Any environment is perfect for the SELETTI furniture Collection, each one finding the right combinations to let colour triumph.

    Comfy Sofa Armchair   Industry Collection   Hybrid Rugs   Toiletpaper Lounge


    Seletti Comfy Sofa / White $16,975.00
    Seletti Comfy Sofa / Blue $16,975.00
    Seletti Comfy Armchair / White $9,381.00