Home is where the heart is. And our heart lies with designer homeware from Seletti Concept Store. Decorate your abode with the finest designs from our eclectic edit of break the mould unconventional pieces for home.

    It houses fabled names such as Seletti and TEKLA, as well as contemporary classics such as Anissa Kermiche and Aesop. There are candles, decorative objects, soft furnishings, tableware (and more, but we’ll save some as a surprise) for every room of the house. Go ahead and browse our collection of statement pieces for home.


    Seletti Monkey Swing Lamp / Black Sold Out
    Seletti wears Toiletpaper Toilet Paper Rug / Rectangular Rug Fingers $2,281.00 Gift card from $50.00
    Seletti Memorabilia My Ducklings Sold Out
    Seletti Milo Vase $450.00
    Seletti Palace Palazzo Del Governo Sold Out
    Seletti Palace Torrione Sold Out
    Seletti Heart Lamp $395.00
    Aēsop Reverence Duet Sold Out
    Aēsop Body Cleansing Slab Sold Out
    Diesel living with Seletti Diy Cutlery Set $109.00
    Aēsop Resurrection Duet $160.00
    Aēsop Post-Poo Drops Sold Out
    Seletti Comfy Sofa / White $16,975.00
    Seletti Comfy Sofa / Blue $16,975.00
    Seletti Comfy Armchair / White $9,381.00
    Seletti wears Toiletpaper Enamel Glass / Toad $29.00
    Seletti wears Toiletpaper Enamel Glass / Fingers $29.00