Understated opulence

"Make thrown together appear dressed up, dressed up feel every day, every entrance feel like the entrance. Surprise simplicity with intricacy. Avoid monotony. Embrace eclecticism. Elevate the simplest of ensembles with a dramatic twist. Combine classic pieces in unexpected ways. Understated, Classic, Never predictable."

Founded (2009) at the heart of the most breath taking iconic world destinations Queenstown, New Zealand, SELETTICONCEPTSTORE.COM brings the most coveted in lifestyle by showcasing specially curated collections of premier brands while maintaining a modern vision and ever-present raw aesthetic. 

Seletti Concept Store is the sole distributor of Italian design brand Seletti in New Zealand. Established in 1964 in Mantova, Italy, Seletti's design collections are blended with everyday life icons and objects that send a message of shape and function for their specific users personal and fun lifestyle. Known for their eclectic collections and diverse collaborations, Seletti is a brand that focuses on merging design and art to produce items that characterise a unique and all-embracing Italian lifestyle. Their collections range from sculptural organising objects, lighting and homeware to their most recent 'design pride' carnival during Milan design week conveying Seletti's direction, personality and constantly evolving ethos.

The internationally coveted lifestyle brand delivers new solutions to everyday objects, creating stand out design classics.


Modelled after the ever-evolving ethos of the 'Seletti' brand this retail destination allows customers to experience Seletti in its true essence. Rapidly becoming New Zealand's destination for luxury fashion, beauty and design, Seletti Concept Store can be defined as a destination that brands create a sense of beautiful chaos. Seletti Concept Store is an essential stop.