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    Jasmin Sparrow

    A mixture of fascination in materiality and form — discovered as a child amongst her Grandmother’s vast collection of jewels — and formal jewellery training in Wellington, is what led designer Jasmin Scott to launch her independent jewellery brand Jasmin Sparrow, offering sculptural and sentimental designs that encourage permanence.

    Jasmin Sparrow is a catalogue of classic adornments that celebrate precious moments and acknowledge devotion. Sculptural metals intersect classicism and modernist forms, created to be passed down through generations.

    Created for women who appreciate style with empathy, Jasmin Sparrow works with ethically-sourced stones and recycled metals, producing environmentally conscious jewellery.

    Each collection pairs a selection of gemstones that are sourced worldwide from mines that are dedicated to using ethical mining and cutting practices. All pieces are made using recycled metals, and are designed around the organic shape and form of the stone, resulting in a unique and inimitable finish.

    The gold plating process is conducted in New Zealand, adding a few extra microns onto each piece to ensure longevity for the wearer.


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